About me


I’m turning my passions into my Job!

Since over 10 years I switch between being a chef or baker and traveling the world. In the last few years I also started off as a artist at JonArt.

As soon I had saved up enough money, usually after one or two summer/winter seasons, I left my home country Switzerland and started to explore the globe.

Last year I decided to become a traveling surf-Instructor.

Sept. – Dec. 2016 I spent 3 months in the surf capital of Ireland ; Bundoran, Co Donegal. Where I did a outdoor-instructor course and left with a RLSS and a SLS GB Beachlifeguard qualifications.

Now next stop was Cape Town.

Once there I joined the crew of “Ticket to Ride – South Africa” for a epic trip along the picturesque coastline of South Africa – the Garden Route.

Charging waves, exploring the country and gaining the ISA surf instructor Level 1 Award.

Now to challenge myself and entertain the rest of the planet I though it would be somehow funny to blog about all that. Have a look and tell me what you think, Why I started a Blog!?

While we stay in Durban, we started off with the surf instructor course. I passed and got offered a job in paradise at the Lapoint  surf camp in Costa Rica.

To make a long story short…

After I’ve been introduced to some surf companies by my former travel and surfbuddy from Ecuador Chris Stevens – and due to many mails since November 16′ and a few Skype interviews.

I started as a Socialhost and Photographer the 4. of April and will soon start with my first 20h surf instructor practice at our surfschool here in Santa Teresa/Playa Hermosa.

Where next – I’ll tell you all soon!