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waterman and artic photographer – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

I’m Hallvard, 27 years old, born and raised in Norway. I work as a content/socialmedia manager for Lapoint surf camps. Beside that I’m a professional photographer,

Specialised on artic surf photography. This is one of my favourite shots.

office time – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

Tell me about your decision to switch from a surfboard to a big ass Water Housing?

That was back in the days in Hawaii where I studied. I remember I had that one session, well actually I was siting on land with my 8ft longboard next to me, taking pics of my friends. To be able to join them out surfing, I had to lock up the camera in the car and walk back and forth with my heavy longboard in one hand and the camera in the other. Once in the water I paddled out, right in time to take a nice big set on the head!

Just like a pure kook… It wasn’t much fun. I decided to follow one passion really, instead of two somehow half.

Iced Barrel – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

Hallvard still takes nice big sets on the head – but now professionally!

What is your favourite shot in your repertoire and why?

THAT IS EASY – I got a shot of Leon Glatzer last winter up in Lofoten on a commercial. I decided to be on land for that shot, also I was shooting quite wide. My long 600mil lens I had lend to the video crew.

Soon I found another one laying around. I put it one, saw Leo going for that wave, put him in focus and took the shot in a matter of seconds – BOOM –

with a stroke of luck plus some genius it ended up in Surfer Magazin – definitely one of my best shots – massive mountains and big tress in the back, a big wave and a huge jump.

Surfer; Leon Glatzer – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

You’re becoming famous on Insta! How does that help your self made photographer career?

First of all I wouldn’t use the term famous! – but thanks honestly it’s everything!


foggy magic – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

I have to say nowadays you can get hired just because of the amount of followers you have!

It definitely helps being big. But I also see some average photographers with some 100000 followers on Insta – while the legends of surf photography – guys I looked up to the last maybe 5 years have 10, 5 or just 1 thousand followers, or not even!

They entered the whole game way to late. But really, I don’t shoot pics that are good for Insta! I like complex fotos while Insta needs clear set ups in images.

is it too complex!? – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

I’m too “noisy” (smiles)

In the end print work, commercial work – you know – telling a story, comes first! Social media is a bonus.

arctic surf art – pc Hallvard Kolltveit


Okay last question – Which surfer would you take on “all included” surf trip around the world, if you’re the photographer?

It’s hard NOT to say “John John”!

He would be professionally the right choice, not thinking of the exposure! I would have brought someone like on of the Gudauskas Brothers – just fort he fun of it!

Somewhere with Swell – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

Dane Gudauskas he loves the arctic climate. I would have started in Norway headed over to New Zealand, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Chile, Iceland – of corse – and it would end in some outer Norwegian island – which is to discover.

That would be the ultimate surf trip!

 The artic magician himself – pc Hallvard Kolltveit

That sounds freaking epic! Thanks Hallvard and thanks for reading


The footage used in this Interview is owned by Hallvard Kolltveit

thanks for sharing bro

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