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Hi Luke, Chad told me he introduced you to Ticket to Ride. You are a passionate surfer, photographer and a organisation talent. Seems like you found your dream job right in your home country South Africa.


What makes the South African 10 week surf instructor course so special compared to other surf trips and surf camps around the world?

The SA trip has a true sense of surf travel as South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world – It’s kind of heaps of different surf camps packed in one. And all this time – 10 weeks – you spend pretty much with the same multinational crowd. For sure some you’ll like more than others but together you built friendships that transcends boarders –

It’s like finding common ground with the different people you’re with!


Different to other surf camps or surf lessons around the globe we at TTR can teach with a longterm-kinda-view on things. So even if you’re struggling for a moment or a day, you’ll get better step by step with every session – for the rest of your surfing life!

During the 10 weeks in SA we got the time to coach the hard way instead of teaching something which only keeps you happy for a few hours or a week.


And it’s also our resources and network we have in South Africa. During the last 10 years running the 10 week Surf Instructor Course we’ve been trough a serious learning curve. At every stop we know the best people possible champions and coaches alike;

  • former ASP world champs like Dave Malherbe – “Herbie”,
  • 4x womans SA Champ and woman wsl tour competitor Nikita Robb
  • Etienne from J-Bay is SA senior coach
  • Chris Bond is one of SA top surf coaches and president of western province surfing
  • Jarred Veldhuis our headcoach is a teamrider of Quicksilver SA.


With all those awesome pro’s and many others we have the best people possible and know what works and what doesn’t!

You did this trip so many times, is there still things that surprise you?

The determination of people – when someone has there mindset focused on something they somehow make to overcome uneven odds. Like no matter what, if you want it you work towards that goal – this trip awakes exactly that sense in a lot of people!


Of all the epic towns and places we stoped over on the famous “gardenroute” , which is your favourite one, and why?

All the stops are so unique! They’re incomparable but if I had to choose –

Coffee Bay would be my absolut favourite!

Because it’s so raw and wild, so far removed from everyday society and comfort!! It’s like real Africa where you feel a real freedom – this sense of being in the middle of nowhere!


Thanks Luke for this talk and your interesting point of view. By now, Luke is already leading the next TTR trip in Indo together with his mate Jarred Veldhuis.

All surf pictures used in this interview are provided and owned by Luke Geldenhuys.

I hope you all charge some barrels – no matter where in the world you’re sitting in the line-up. Thanks for reading – Jonas

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