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Hi Jamie, cool we found some minutes to have a quick talk! Let’s get started;


How did you get along as the only female instructor and a kinda “rookie” in a team of two guys who know each other and work together since many years?

First of all I think surfing should never be divided into girls or boys. The biggest challenge was that I sometimes felt like a third party to an already made team. But no matter what we were a team and even though it was difficult in some situations we always made it work. Personally I think as a female I was a big advantage to the other girls in the trip because surfing is often still a “Man’s World”. 


You are a surf instructor, a beach lifeguard but also a dive master! Which of those passions do you prefer and why?

I started my beach career as a lifeguard which send me into surf instructing. The surfing then made me aware of the deeper side of the ocean and in order to explore it I started scuba diving until I finally became a dive master. Above all those passions of mine lifeguarding will always be the one where my roots are, the one which leaded me into all the other aspects of my career.


You did other surf trips in other parts of the world before. What was the special experience about the the 10 week surf instructor course in South Africa, your Home?

As it is such a longterm story – 10 weeks – you learn lots about your surfing but even more you grow as a person! I mean you surf some of the best waves of the world and at the same time you make friends for life.

It’s a challenge – but the best challenge, the best 10 weeks of your life.


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