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Hi Jay – I’m so stoked to ask you a few questions about surfing and so on – You are like THE most happy guy I ever met, especially once you start talking about surfing!


So how comes you’re so much into this whole surfing topic?

Hi my names Jarred Veldhuis. I am currently 22 years young living in Kommetjie – Cape Town – South Africa.

I started surfing when I was 6 years old down at Muizenberg beach –

best beginner wave in the world

I had my first lessons with Gary’s surf school and was hooked on surfing ever since. I’ve been surfing for 16 years now and I feel like there’s still so much more to learn about and improve on in my surfing. Been surfing in competitions since I was U10 and I loved it so much.


My dad told me if I win my first contest in South African development championships he would buy me my first ever custom made surfboard and sure enough I made the final and won it with a 10 point ride and as promised my dad bought me my first ever 5’1 custom made “negative surfboard” from the lifestyle surf shop. My local break in Kommetjie is Long Beach. Love going on my forehand (left) on that wave as the inside section is very good for practicing and perfecting aerial maneuvers. Only bummer about surfing in Cape Town, Kommetjie area is that the Atlantic water is really cold but generally there’re always waves somewhere in Cape Town if one place is flat, just grab a friend and take a couple boards and go find some waves ! Yew

and up in the air – flying

It’s always offshore in Cape Town – Somewhere!

Chris Bond

Does It help your Surfing to teach people with so different levels and style’s?

Yes – it helps it a lot! Teaching beginners in every condition gives you the stoke back.

The vibe in competitive surfing is quite serious.

Coaching all these different people makes you realise again what surfing is all about – having fun in the waves and loving the sport of surfing!


You are a professional competitive surfer and a Quicksilver SA team rider. This April you start the new season’17 – what are your goals for the coming events?

I wanna start of with a epic first result to gain a positiv mindset and momentum for the following events! Then I want to try to place myself as high as I can to make enough money to be able to travel to the following events and gain enough point during the heats to enter the bigger qualifying events. To score there would open new doors I could go international, I could go overseas.

he likes flying

Apparently Jay scored 3rd at the Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro QS1000

in Port Elizebeth, 9. April 2017.

You as head coach of the TTR South Africa 10 week Instructor Course – what are the 3 most important things to look out for during the first few months and years?

Basically there are a few crucial things to look out for;

  • Bending your knees for a low center of gravity
  • While paddling for the next wave, keep your feed together and your chin up.
  • Always pop up back foot first, then front foot
  • Use your whole length of your arm when paddle – long and strong
  • Your last tree paddle strokes should be the hardest
  • And never forget – HAVE FUN IN THE WAVES!

Jay our head coach

Jay, thanks for that, always good to talk with you about surfing bru.

And thanks for reading – Jonas

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