My first days at the office #lapoint #lifeisbetter in #boardshorts

A few of you might know it already, others don’t. I got offered a job in paradise!

All I had to do is take it. Take it, book a flight out of Africa, cancel my surf safari through Mozambique, cancel my job and everything else back home and get ready to speak Spanish again.

And here I am in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. New Social host and photographer at the Lapoint surf camp.

Living in the picturesque hillside villa “Casa de la Luna” with pool, lounge and it’s very own badass iguana named Oscar. Five minutes down the hill is Playa Santa Teresa.

A part of my Job here at the Lapoint Surfcamp in Costa Rica is just go surfing!

We all take waves from the ocean – one epic way to give something back is a simple beach cleanup with your friends.

And once the beach is all cleaned up – your karma fully charged – the sunset is waiting.

The  Lapoint surf instructors here in Santa Teresa are all locals from the area and ISA approved. Their great experience and awesome personalities is what makes the lessons so epic. We usually have our surf sessions at playa Hermosa.

Before going in the water we plan together how it’s going to work in the waves and after every session we have a feedback-round, where we all share our opinions.

Now I only have to get used to the heat here in this paradise called Costa Rica #lifeisbetterinboardshorts

Updates following soon – Pura Vida – Thanks for reading




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I'm a traveler.
I travel the world to follow my passions
surfing, photography, diving, hiking, running, simply being outside and getting lost while looking at the sea.
I blog about it just for fun and to encourage and help others to travel more and further.

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