Chintsa was a short stay of just one week. The small village is just a quick drive outside East London which is the next biggest town around. The main thing I remember about the place is its peaceful atmosphere in which we all could settle down a little and get some fresh air after the endless party nights and the awesome,  cooking waves on the various beach-breaks and reefs of Jeffrey’s Bay.

We shared little houses spread out over a hill covered with a huge jungle like forest facing the bay and the river where you could go kayaking – for free, the kayaks and paddles were provided by the hostel, the Buccaneers Lodge and Backpackers.

It is from my point of view one of the most epic hostels I’ve ever been to, and by far the best one on our road trip until now. Not to forget the 4 o’clock beach volley games with free wine – happydays!

With its super chilled vibe, based in the middle of a jungle and just a short walk from the beach and the River it truly is a place off the beaten track.

The surf here was rather challenging but a good practice for us as we all need to be able to surf in every possible conditions in order to pass our exam in the end of march.

the ISA surf instructor course level 1

To be allowed to work as a surf instructor you need to hold or pass a internationally recognized beach lifeguard award like RLSS or SLSGB and it needs to be up to date. Some awards need to be renewed every year others last 2 years. I did those courses in Bundoran, Ireland last year from september to december. Check it out in the link!

Anyway, those of our group here in South Africa who don’t have such an award yet need to pass a time swim of 400m under 9minutes in a 50m pool and have to do some life saving training. Good Luck!


On the way back from the pool of East London to the beach of Chintsa Bay some of us had some fun on quad bikes.

Quad bike fun / photo: Luke Geldenhuis Ticket to Ride Group

And those who didn’t fancy the quads just enjoyed another awesome day in paradise


Sometimes all you need is a walk along the beach – Jonas

Thanks for reading!


Some of the pictures in this post were taken by Luke Geldenhuis one of our trip leaders on this epic surf trip with the Ticket to Ride Group.

And some pictures are taken by Matze a Travel and Surfbuddy from Germany – Check out his Blog –

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