We spent two epic weeks in J-Bay, the surf capital of South Africa. Our days were defined by the urge to surf the various spots along the bay. My absolute favorite is a reef, called “kitchen windows”. The wave breaks in a A-frame which allows you to go left or right and to share the peak with your surf buddies.

In the drone video you can see a big part of the actual town-Jeffrey’s Bay, the reef breaks phantoms and kitchen windows and the beach break. And you see myself nearly getting smashed by a bomb of a wave but somehow still making it, pop up and surf it.

I love surfing

Jeffrey’s Bay is home to world class surf and epic sunsets! said Galen

Surf, Eat, Sleep – repeat – That is really what it’s all about at this stop of the Gardenroute. With some epic party nights in between for sure.

But since life is about giving and taking we gave something back to the community. The Supertubes Surfing Foundation is a very active NGO in the region and puts a huge effort into the conversation of the environment in and around J-Bay. With Ticket to Ride South Africa we had the opportunity to join them twice. First on their Monday-recycling in the township where the local kids can bring their collected waste, scale it and trade it in for “Mula”. The Mulas can be spent in the Supertubes Foundation Store next by or saved up. Either way it’s a big help to their tight budget.

Another important job is to take out the “alien plants” spread all over the area. It has to be done because the foreign plants don’t have much natural threats up against them. There is many reason why alien vegetation in South Africa is such a problem! They take over favorable space and use more of the rare water than the native plants.

Some alien trees are even very flammable and cause quite frequent fires!

While we were replanting the garden with fresh indigenous plants some school kids passed by and spontaneously helped us out to finish our task.

high five pc TTR Group
It’s not a surfboard factory, it’s more like an artisan’s workshop

Speaking about native locals, we managed to meet Mikey Meyer. He is a legend, his boards are well known in South Africa, people grow up falling in love with surfing on his boards. He shapes them all by hand like in the old days. That’s why he needs about 5 days for one board while in a big factories like in Durban they make about 25 boards a day.

Mikey shapes and surfs in Jeffrey’s Bay since more than 30 years now! When he explains his craftwork you truly see his passion in his eyes.


Mikey Meyer – Surfer, Shaper, Artist

The Drone footage and some pictures are taken by the (pc) Ticket to Ride Group

Heaps thanks to Jamie, Chris, Luke and Jarred

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