Sharky Plett was our second spot further down the line on the famous Garden Route. Plettenberg is a calm holiday town which lies right at the coast. Awaiting us with some fast waves more than halfway towards Jeffreys Bay. Solar Beach is where we mostly went for our surf lessons. It is flanked on the westside by the cliffs of the Robberg nature reserve.

Robberg nature reserve

The waves here are way more powerful than in Muizenberg and they’re steeper too, which basically means we took our surfing to the next level and had a helpful prep for the kinda waves we’ll be going to face in Jeffreys Bay. The right place to try out our new boards.

Even tough we saw at least one shark every single day being out surfing at Solar Beach. I wasn’t that scared after all, because Lynden Read -a shaper from Cape Town- told me one thing which is simply true…

If you enter the ocean, dip your finger in the water and taste it! If it’s SALTY there’s a shark in the water! Simple as that!

Well that’s not Plettenberg, it’s me diving Galapagos!! But you kinda get the feeling 😉
This is Plett a little less sharks and a Seagull waiting for the rain

Whatever, if you now feel like staying out of the sea or if you just need a little break from Pletts sharky waters, there’s tons of activities and heaps of places to explore around. For those who’re still seeking another adrenalin kick, Plettenberg is home to the world highest bridge  Bungy jump -216meters.

But Galen knows no fear!

It’s brutal and scary but totally worth the experience, believe me! You’ll be sooo stoked!!

Monkeyland is more of a chilled vibe. The perfect place to explore on a sunny afternoon when the waves are flat. Imagine hundreds of different monkeys all over the place, jumping above your heads, sharing their jungle-like trees, palms and lianas more or less peacefully and “fighting”only for fun, apples or to entertain and mug the amazed tourists.

See more about waves and surfing in my next post about Jeffreys Bay.



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