There is countless things to do in Cape Town the so called Mother City. But we came to surf so we stayed a bit out of town. I’m currently on a surf trip with TicketToRide and a bunch of other great people from all around the World.

Along the South African coast, the Garden Route. But let’s talk about surfing later on.

Muizenberg is a beach village just 25km outside Cape Town.

Muizenberg invites with heaps of tranquility, charm and a good amount of surfer vibe. Situated in between the Railway line Simon’s Town and the 32km long sandy beach.

Muizenberg from a “Shark Spotters” view

Even thought there are tons of sharks in the chilled warm waters of the Indian ocean. The beginners beach break, Muizenberg calls itself one of the safest beaches around the globe.

Thanks to the Shark Spotters along the cliffs and the lifeguards on the beach.

Speaking of the cliffs, take a swift ride along the Chapmans Peak Drive  for some mind blowing views over Hout Bay and the Big Wave surf spot Dungenos.

Hout Bay

Charlie was so stoked about it, he decided to trough his heart in the turquoise blue water.

Charlie and his heart 😉

Some Days Later we went to Boulders Beach which is a natural Colony of African Penguins.

You can literally go and swim with wild penguins !!

It’s always offshore in Cape Town

(Somewhere…) by Chris Bond

During our last days in Muizenberg, we were super busy choosing and buying our brand new surf boards in the Lifestyle Surfshop and charging some waves which where actually pretty awesome. Thanks to the offshore wind!

We still somehow managed to take half a day off to hike up Table Mountain, the one nature monument which Cape Town is so famous for.

Katie joined us on the morning hike up the front of the mountain. She is continuously traveling since 18 months now and also blogs about it!

Ckeck it out ->

We meet 3 years ago Scuba diving in Bocas del Toro, Panama where I traded my own Board in for a few dive courses, because the sea was flat to surf.

I had a blast!

Finding Jonas

When you travel the world becomes your hometown.


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