If you wanna go on a trip to Africa Ethiopian Airlines is a good choice!

For less than 300€ on a oneway19h flight !

  1. Traveling Madrid to Cape Town we stopped twice
  2. The first stop in Rome just to pick up more people – no change of Airplane!
  3. The second stop in Addis Ababa the main hub of Ethiopian Airlines which makes the transit to another Ethiopian flight smooth and easy.

The service personal on Board is friendly and fast, the seats are quite comfy and you get nice soft colorful covers to sleep. The Airline (Member of Star Alliance) does it’s job, it’s cheap and with no doubt comparable to any medium range European Airline.

The only negative point I experienced is their online costumer service. I emailed them several times about the flight times which had changed and the never came back to me 😦 …

But the info desk team at the Airport of Madrid is very helpful. They explained me everything in a matter of seconds.


But honestly who cares about the flight if the destination is African Soul Surfers.

A room with a view… ^^

in African Soul Surfers at Muizenberg Beach.

Jonas out – gone Surfing

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