Today on Blue Monday, it looks more like this!

La Zurriola

But apart from the rainy winter weather the city is actually quite a sunny place which has lot’s to offer.

The zurriola is the town’s Beach break for all the surfers out there. While la concha is the swimmers bay where if you‘re lucky enough dolphins can be spotted.

La Concha

I had my first surf session here in San Sebastian exactly 6years ago. It was cold, windy and the Beach was covered in fresh white snow!! It was still a awesome experience and one year later, in 2012 I came back to get my first own Surfboard.

Venon rules

I love my  Venon  6’4 wingfish. Venon Surfboards produce quality surfboards for everyone. Ever since around the world the board has been a fairly good travel buddy.

This week though I did spend more time in cafe’s and restaurants exploring the tasty food of Donostia and hiding myself from the the world to find the time to launch my blog.

La Guinda and Belgrado are by far my favorites! If you are looking for good tasty and surprisingly cheap food in San Sebastian/Donostia go to Zabaleta Kalea a street close to the Surf Beach zurriola packed with plenty of tasty restaurants, the choice is yours!

In my point of view…^^

La Guinda rules for Lunch with it’s “Menu of the Day” (4courses/13€/mo-fr) and the coolest and most relaxed place to simply hang out or work – awesome Wifi – and delicious cheese toasts (from4.50€/tu-su) is the Belgrado.

La Guinda

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