Loch Ness @maxime thanks for the picture

We all meet in Bundoran the “so called Surf-Capitol of Ireland”. Two of us Kate and me were part of a Beachlifeguard training course and the other two Aina and Maxime worked in the hostel we all stayed.

After nearly 3 months fully packed with hard training in the ocean and heaps of surfing at the peaks around Bundoran we told ourselfs

Dingle, Co. Kerry

“Let’s go on a roadtrip”


And we left, first on a hitchhike-race to the famous cliffs of moher on which we all just stranded in Sligo. Once we managed to get to Galway we decided to rent a car for the rest of the trip. we made it around the south of Ireland to places like dingle, Killarney, Kilkenny, Cork and Dublin.


In Scotland we stayed some days in Edinburgh. But as soon we managed to hire a car we made our way up the trough the highlands and explored Skye a stunning, picturesque Island in the north of the country.


They call it home of fairy tales, myths and fables.


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