punta blanca at low tide

Start 2017 with a sunsetsession en el paraíso!

So I took the earliest flight possible, right after the new years party home in Switzerland. Straight to Fuerteventura for a week with the most awesome crew of the freesurfersschool.

Surf, Sun, Sea and fiesta por la noche !

From the first day on, it was an adventure and good vibes all around.



If you are looking for a local-like experience the freesurfers surfhouse is your location! Most of the guests are from around Spain or Italy and their friendliness is so overwhelming you can’t help but falling in love with the place and and make friends for life. The simple but tidy villa with a pool and chill area outside is in walking distance from nearly all there is in Coralejos.

  • 5min to the sandy town beaches
  • 5min to the shops
  • 10min to the Sidreria

Sidreria,  THE local bar

Situated up the street, next to the waikiki Beach Club it’s easy to find. and the best thing about the bar beside the Surfboard you can win every week(!!) Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays they prepare FREE and super tasty food which they even serve right on your table while you enjoy a cold bottle of tropical with your surfbuddies. It’s all homemade goodies like burritos and paella, truly worth a visit!

Normally “el cotillo”a beachbreak and “punta blanca” a reef are the spots where the school usually goes are in 30min driving distance. Good for beginners 🙂 but not just! Both places offer bigger and faster waves if you’re ain’t afraid to paddle further out.

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